http://www.taurus-service.com/Currnews.htm  provides  a heterozygous polled Ayrshire bull from John Rogers' Plum Bottom.

76AY0729 Plum-Bottom Reward LENNON
POLLED full brother to LOT (Taurus) but POLLED
Reg # 100065385 aAa: 135624 DOB: 7/07/98
Sire: Covey-Farms Olympic Reward
Dam: Plum-Bottom Trident's Lene (VG-86)
2-11 305d 15934m 3.5% 558f 3.4% 542p (proj)
MGS: Ardrossan EV Kates Trident (EX-95)
2nd Dam: Morrow Preferred Lou 4th (VG-87)
4-04 312d 19140m 3.9% 751f 3.7% 703p

Feb 2002 run USDA aipl.arusda.gov/ shows PTAM +770, Fat +29 Pro+32

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http://www.taurus-service.com/Currnews.htm  has provided a heterozygous polled Ayrshire Bull.

Anderlini’s MM Maverick ET CAN NM$+85 PTAM +725,Fat-3.Pro+11 You can ask Taurus to order more semen from Ralph Anderlini as this bull was classified in Canada as Excellent, it is POLLED

John Witter or other Taurus person will tell you what polled bulls are available from Taurus if you call 1-800-836-5123, or you can order semen directly from our sponser breeders.

In Canada, you lucky ones can order From Alta Genetics, Balsac, Alberta, CANADA semen for 


This is only known homozygous polled Ayrshire Bull EX90

ALKALAYNE SAILORS FIRST MATE was raised and bred by
James and Rhoda Hein
P.O. Box 127
Guernsey SK CANADA S0K 1W0  

AYCAN000000796033 ANDERLINI'S M M MAVERICK ET  28AY0014 is mentioned above , is also EX90, heterozygous polled.

ANDERLINI'S M M MAVERICK ET was raised and bred by
Ralph Anderlini
242nd - 240 St
Langley, BC V3A6H5
(604) 534-1006

Both these Canadian bulls can be ordered from their owner's private stock from 

Alta Genetics, Inc. R.R. 2, Balzac, Alberta, Canada T0M 0E0
Tel: (403) 226-0666 - Fax: (403) 226-4279

You should ask the owners first, but you can get their authorization and pay them and ship through Alta Genetics.


Also, for another source for a Polled Ayrshire Bull contact:

Elite Genetics
Dru & Sara Mercer    e-mail druandsara@bright.net
4173 E. St. Road 67
Bryant, IN 47326 
Phone 260-997-1495
|Fax 260-997-1496
Mobile 574-727-9192

Dru Mercer handles Andrelini's Kodiak POLLED  AY015012  

AYUSA000000150012 ANDERLINI'S KODIAK-ET   This bull is a materal brother to MM Maverick


Charles Sayles, another Sponser has some rare heterozygous polled semen to use on polled cows for an elite flush, and a few embryos from a flush of a heterozygous polled bull and excellent Ayrshire.:

Charles Sayle
Hawksfield Farm
Route 2
Perry, MI 48872-9545
Phone: 517-625-3886
Fax 517-625-5038

Lynn   Augspurger|
8 Creekside Road
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
e-mail through www.polleddairycows.com  Feedback form
can provide embryos that have a 50% chance of being homozygous and other polled to polled matings having a 25% chance of providing homozygous polled offspring.. 

George and Dawn Parker
Parkers Pride
76 Upper Turnpike Road
Granville NY 12832
can provide embryos that are matings of polled to polled Ayrshires using the bulls from this list and his VG polled cow
who has many years of milk records over 20,000 Pounds.

The above semen pool is very small and needs to be used with great care. As with all breeds, since the polled gene has become a rare gene in dairy cows, because of the failure to repeat the genes of the horned (ox) family lines, we need to have at least 10 elite cow Sponsors who will flush their cows to top polled bulls to create the bull mothers of the future. We also need 100 member sponsors for each bull of the breed who will raise polled animals to create proofs for the families and to provide a nucleus for further choices. Picking top polled cows is important, and to do that we need to have as many cows bred polled to produce the next generation as possible. If you can contribute cows, heifers, and recipients for these projects, please register and let us know what you can contribute.

For Ayrshires, we need to identify also as many naturally polled cow records as we can. Please help with this. Send us a Feedback.