Bova-Can Laboratories Order Fax Form


Print this form to notify Dr. Yves Plante you are planning collection.


Fax (303) 933-5505 or e-mail this to <>


Dr. Yves Plante
Bova-Can Laboratores
Sakatchewan Research Council
125 - 15 Innovation Boulevard
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA

S7N 2X8


Re: Pure Polled Dairy Cow Project with DNA typing

We plan to ask you to do DNA typing for polled Homozygosity for:

(a) ___ All calves of a mating born  __ __ ____   (over 60 days ago).

There are ____ calves and there _____ polled and _____ horned.

(b) ___ We will supply hair samples from the polled dam named _______________  and registration number __________.

(c) ___ We will supply an unfrozen straw/ampoule from the Bull

named __________ Stud Number __ ___ ________ Registration No.


(d)____ Since all of the calves from this mating we wish to test are polled we will supply you with hair samples from ___ horned sibling(s)

(e) ____ Since we have no horned siblings to test, we will supply you with hair samples from ____ horned half siblings having the same dam and a different horned sire, whose semen we will supply and whose name is _____________________ Stud No. ___  __ ___________.

(f) ____ Semen from the gradesire (dam’s sire) is available and he is named ____ Stud No. ___ ___ ___________.

(g) ___  Hair samples from the dam’s dam (granddam) are available.

Please supply us with an application so we can collect the materials and ship them to you according to your instructions. We understand the following are standard shipping instructions. If others, please advise.

Shipping Instructions:

After the hair sample has been collected, put sample in its own labeled envelope and wrap each straw/ampoule separately in enough paper towel to ensure that if it leaks or breaks the liquid will be absorbed.

Put wrapping envelopes and straw/ampoules in Federal Express shipping container and stuff the top to ensure no movement of straw/ampoule vials. Put lid on container and tape it closed. Put the mailing label on the outside of the container. Put the container into a box or bubble envelope, making sure the container is not going to move during shipment. Clearly label the outside of the envelope “BOVINE HAIR AND DEAD SEMEN SAMPLE-NOT HAZARDOUS MATERIAL”

and ensure that envelope or box is closed with waterproof tape and send it to:

Bova-Can Laboratories
125 - 15 Innovation Boulevard
Saskatoon, SK, CANADA S7N 2X8
Attention: Dr. Yves Plante, Manager DNA Bova-Can Lab


When you receive the material from us

______ it will be accompanies with a Money order for CA$150.00 or

______ you may charge the following Debit/Credit card Account CA$150.00. If charges are to be different you will e-mail us and notify of the amount required for the planned testing and await approval.

The card is (circle kind)  Debit   Credit   Visa   Mastercard

Account No.: ______ ______ ______ ______ Espires: ___ _____

Name that appears on the card is:



Signed:                            e-mail is-> <                      







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