Dutch Belted Gurtenvieh Dairy Galloway





As with all breeds, since the polled gene has become a rare gene in dairy cows, because of the failure to repeat the genes of the horned (ox) family lines, we need to have at least 10 elite cow Sponsors who will flush their cows to top polled bulls to create the bull mothers of the future. We also need 100 member sponsors for each bull of the breed who will raise polled animals to create proofs for the families and to provide a nucleus for further choices. Picking top polled cows is important, and to do that we need to have as many cows bred polled to produce the next generation as possible. If you can contribute cows, heifers, and recipients for these projects, please register and let us know what you can contribute. 

Please also identify the Dutch Belted Gurtenvieh Dairy polled females with their records if they are elite cows or offspring of an elite animal.

In America due to differences prompted by personal interests, there are two Dutch Belted organizations. The most flexible of
these in terms of being able to register animals with a belt for Dairy purposes is the White Belt Association. There is also another
group named Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America, PO Box 477 Pittsboro, North Caroling 27312 which maintains a more active mailing list and which supplies the semen for the Bulls of Taurus-Service. http://www.taurus-service.com/ 

For Cross Bred White Belted Dairy animals the Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America has a long breed up program before bulls can registered. The White Belted Dairy will register earlier. Semen from the original Dutch Belted herd descended from the Barnum line can be obtained

Darol Dickinson has a little semen left from this stock, i.e. William the Conqueror semen, the original stock. This is a horned bull.

http://www.texaslonghorn.com/buelingo_info/index.shtml  is the place to get it. But you can also get polled semen from Mr. Diskinson.

Dickinson Cattle
Darrol Dickinson

Cycle Progress is red polled

Spiral Progress is black polled

$12.00 straw

All offspring of these bulls may be registered with the White Belted Dairy Association and with the Red & White Dairy Association and perhaps even with the Bluelingo Association.

Paul and Nancy Daniels, 231 Daniels Rd. Irasburg, Vt 05845  802-755-6105 is a lifetime member.

http://personalpages.tds.net/~anna/   Ann Van Gheen supplies semen for White Belted, as well as serving as secretary.