Purpose - Genetic Resources

Classifieds are free for polled dairy cattle and the rare breeds. We want polled calves from elite cows to be used as the next elite without horns. If you have an elite polled calf, let us know. These calves will produce the next genetics when bred polled. Flush the best polled calves to polled bulls, and advertise them in the classified. The studs want homozygous polled bulls, and the DNA test will provide the proof. Use homozygous polled bulls when available on horned cows and the best polled you choose on the polled cows. The DNA test works for offspring of heterozygous polled parents.

Horns removed by polled sires eliminates the costs of dehorning making breeding free of cost since the expense of polled semen is less than the cost of dehorning. Milk increases are there too! A +2300 PTAM lb milk sire (estimated PTAM milk for some of the listed Holstein bulls, while homozygous polled bulls have a proof higher than +1100 M with +1400 PTI). If the heifer calf is polled, this profit is saved as you donít have to deduct the cost of using caustic soda, hot irons, Barnes dehorners, spoon dehorners and anesthesia and the needless pain and wasted time (2 hrs per calf?). Participants in this organization are providing these resources so that other breeders can say "NO MORE HORNS". Horns are pre-historic appendages used in the Spanish bullring, and they should not be used in modern cattle. Polled dairy cows are today a rare resource. However, a few dedicated breeders created these resources making "NO MORE HORNS" possible today. Donít use a horned bull, breed a naturally polled dehorning stud instead!

The resources provided are organized by breed for semen and cows suitable for upgrading to polled stock. Elite cow breeders who will supply polled calves or polled embryos are found under breed headings.  More will become available in the classifieds. Listings are free to registered participants.

You can post your own available resources and animals for contact by registering as a participant and posting classified ads. Join and expand the genetic base!

Breeding and DNA testing outlines breeding tips and a way to perform DNA testing showing that an animal is homozygous polled. Service Resources identifies organizations and links to people who can provide valuable resources, including ET, semen collection, heifer rearing and transportation.

This Polled Dairy Cows website is intended to provide information to those who wish to breed and develop polled dairy cows from the rare genetic resources available today. If you have suggestions, please use the Feedback forms to send them to us.

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