T. Edwin Johnson Jr.
Hickorymea Farms
Box 35, 3527 Delta Road -PA 74
Airville, PA 17302
Fax 717-862-1793

thru  has currently released :

29HO10621 Hickorymea OTTAWA-P-ETTV Reg129536035 TPI1405


Dam Hickorymean Bwood OSSIE P-ETTV NM364 VG87 VVVVat 4 years 4-06 2x(365) 33710 3.8 1269 3.2 1042 CTPI 1389

Hickorymea Bellwood OSSIE P-ET PC Polled Holstein Cows

OTTAWA’s pedigree suggests that his final proofs will approximate those of his grandsire Maizefield Bellwood-ET (EX-96) HOL HO2103297 19890519 who had in 14515 herds 51139 Daus with PTAm 1873 PTAf 61 PTAp 54. That is 26683 #Milk 968 #F (3.6%) 797#P (2.9%) with SCS 2.99. A record search shows more Bellwood daughters have made the elite cow list than daughters of any other bull.  is the place to enter the bull number HO2103297 to find this.  

Burket Falls Farm is another lead homozygous polled bull breeder and they can provide semen from their:
120HO0486 Burket Falls Polled Whiz-ET-RC Reg128082186 TPI1017 Dam Burket Falls PP Shasta ET (Black but RC) VG-85 V V V V at 2 years 2-1 2x 27405 4.6 1257 3.3 906 CTPI

For Semen contact:

John Burket - Dave Burket & Sons
Burket Falls Farm 
RR1, Box 579
East Freedom, PA 16637
(814) 239-2260
Fax: (814) 239-8797

Other  Burket Falls bulls are heterozygous polled and their semen is supplied by various studs. 
See Burket Falls Polled Plus at

SunShower Acres, Ltd., P O Box 658, Longmont, Colorado 80502 has a selection of polled dairy cattle semen selection by Fred Hendricks. 330-776-2031.