SELECT HETEROZYGOUS POLLED HOLSTEIN BULLS:  provides besides OTTAWA (the homozygous poled black and white red carrier (RC) bull listed with ABSGlobal above) the top ranked HETEROZYOUS POLLED BULL (50% of this offspring will be polled)

This bull is Number 8 in the Holstein TPI 100

He is HICKORYMEA OSWALD 29HO10446   shows a picture of OSWALD.

ABS also has OTTAWA's sire:

29HO09916Hickorymea Tripod-P-RC Reg120258309 PTPI 1411 
(Tripod P is the Sire of Hickorymea OTTAWA PP 11HO05886 and his daughters average among the highest for milk)

(Ottawa's breeding shows how to create homozygous polled bulls! Breed a polled bull to a polled cow and you have a 25% chance of having another homozygous animal if both parents are heterozygous polled, and a 50% change if one is homozygous polled, with the results provable by DNA testing .}

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shows Burket Falls Polled Plus-ET * RC (GP-82) Reg. 2191401 aAa: 516432 with 388 daughters having 23796M 3.8% 899F 3.0% 723P     Polled Plus is the sire of Polled Holstein Sons.  is the place to locate:

76HO0406 Hickorymea TURLEY P *RC Reg.129008750 PTPI 1445 
Polled bull - dam Tessie P is EX with 38000M, 2nd dam 150,000M Aerostar

(Turley is availble in Europe too  )


76HO0369 Hicorymea TRAP P
Reg # 124765029 aAa: 234165 D.O.B. 7/31/98
Sire: Maizefield Bellwood-ET (EX-96 GM)
Dam: Hicorymea Aero Tena P (VG-88)
5-06 365d 28390m 3.7% 1055f 3.1% 886p
MGS: Madawaska Aerostar (EX-EXTRA GM)
2nd Dam: Hickorymea Houdini Tidy P (VG-86)


76 HO00392 Hicorymea Turner P Reg. 127098793 PTPI 1406

as well as other polled bulls, see

Current Taurus Service Price List  - Taurus Service Prices. 


SunShower Acres has Proven and Young Holstein Sires all of which are heterozygous polled PH Holsteins.

Here is the current SunShower Polled Holstein price list   and here is a new Red bull

138HO2780 Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red AMA 261435 +1583M 55F 52P 1.9PL  who is sired by Bacculum-RED +1583TPI and has a Dam Karona Rudolph Passat-ET with 42793 +1400F 1316P, this bull was bred by R. Feldwich, Aggravation Plantation , New Knowville, Ohio.



A favorite of several polled Holstein breeders is available internationally.  has:

11HO06003Hickorymea Tucker-P-RC REG 127098793 PTPI1406

(Enter bull code into altagenetics website to see more on this bull a full bruther to Hickorymea Turner P 76HO00392 (Taurus))    (Genex)  has

1HO06652 Hickorymea Omar-P REG 127554675 PTPI 1413   will also soon have heterozygous polled bulls.

Ask them to post here the semen from bulls recently purchased from Hickorymea and Burket Falls for test availability.


SunShower Acres, Ltd., P O Box 658, Longmont, Colorado 80502 maintains for our use an extensive collection

of Polled Dairy Cattle semen selected by Fred Hendricks. 


In Germany/Deutschland shows Polled Holstein Bulls, including Fortify, Darwin and Polled Plus which are available in the USA from Taurus, Select and Taurus respectively. However, if you are in Europe, look at     Perplex-P, a son of Polled Plus is out of Natilie, a true EX-93 cow and has good calves!. shows Red Polled Burket Bulls, including Priority (homozygous) Poll Party and Fortify, which are also available in the USA  can be used to locate bulls by name or stud number.

For instance, from after entering lo-nox

we find BURKET-FALLS LO-NOX-RED-ET  ( LO-NOX-RED-P) a top type Red Bull  001HO04650 is plus proven and already has 1480 daughters who average milk was 23290.       From the 1 we know he is a Genex bull

and we find BURKET-FALLS DARWIN-RED-ET  ( DARWIN-RED ) 007WW06950 is available from Select Sires

see         and in Europe 

from  showing Darwin-Red P   from which you can also obtain     Fortify  P in Europe who is available from Taurus in the USA.

and of course there is  available from   as a Red Homozygous Polled Holstein Bull:
11HO05886 Burket-Falls Priority-Red-PP 297495 CTPI 762
Sire Firpo-Red Dam Dee-Dee MG Sire Red Momentum

Hickorymea Overtime-P a brother of Oswald and Ottawa is available from Select internationally.