IF YOU HAVE AN ELITE HOLSTEIN AND WILL HELP US OUT BY BREEDING TO A POLLED BULL LET US KNOW BY REGISTERING AND POSTING A CLASSIFIED. Elite Cows can be used to create new polled heifers and bulls to expand the genetics.

Find elite cow owners at


by clicking on ASCII Elite Cow List and waiting for the full file to load.

This ASCII Elite Cow List is the full list of elite cows and their recorded DHIA owners.

First there is a list of elite cows (as of May, 200X) which

identified cows by their Registration number, Sire No, and Herd Code.

11 is the state of Maine

12 is the state of New Hampshire and so forth.

The cows are listed by Breed A, B, G, H, R, S order. You can scan the bottom of the file to learn the state code you wish to search, and then scan the cows to locate top cows in that state. Then locate the herd code for the cow, and return to the bottom to find the cow owner. Or you can start from the bottom and find the cows of a particular owner.

At the bottom you find the farms listed by state order beginning with Maine11, followed by NH 12 and you may live near:

12-11-0181 KELLY WM JR HD 1 . OLD WESTPORT RD WINCHESTER NH 03470   (Who has an elite Holstein which is under a stud contract)

Entering 12-11-0181 in the Edit Find on this page , you will find that Mr. Kelly owns the elite Holstein cow identified as:

124756546 2193272 10-98 12-11-0181 9-00 305 1 27152 3.9 1046 47 +1518 -.02 +49 1 3.3 897 +.04 +54 46 +463 +408 +481

The net merit numbers are at the right of the file.

Similarly, if you are interested in locating a very high milk Holstein

scan the file for a high milk and protein, say protein of +90 or above

124690875 2183007 10-98 21-30-0352 5-01 305 1 32833 3.7 1207 50 +2908 +.02 +110 1 2.8 928 +.02 +90 49 +769 +754 +782

shows up. The protein was 928 (not quite 1000 which we sought, but 928) and the herd code for HO registration 124690875 is 21-30-0352

Entering the search term 21-30-0352 under Edit Find on this page

we find 21-30-0352 MOUNTFIELD FARM RD 2 MARCELLUS NY 13108 has 5 elite Holsteins, including 124690875. We can contact them by writing to this address, or call if you can locate the phone number using the number located in


or call you friendly telephone information answering person.

Note that Steve Berland, and Jim and Claudia Copper left the Holstein Association to start their own firm, GenElite LLC. The start-up will primarily focus on marketing embryos, bulls for AI, and elite females, but will also attempt to develop an international genetic consulting business. You might want to contact them.

Or you might want to contact those who decided to show off their best at http://www.world-dairy-expo.com/dcs.main.cfm