Miniature Jerseys:

Miniature Jerseys are largely polled but often with scurs.

Find their talk site at Yahoo talk called  (rarelivestock)

They are not registered with the American Jersey but different groups have different registries or none. With the use of polled Jersey semen from a registered bull, they could form the basis for a registered upgrade group with American Jersey.

For breeders the sites below.  (TIM O'DONNELL has semen for sale) 

Tim O'Donnell
10925 North 640th Street
Altamont, IL 62411
(618) 483-5081

Ralph Martin                                    kept the herd "Guinea" herd going.
1185 Guernsey Rd
Mount Airy, NC 27030
(336) 351-2238                 

Nathan Harris Sr., R2 Fries, VA 24330 540-236-8269 has several Miniature Jerseys as well as one polled miniature Guernsey/Jersey heifer with a pink nose.. 

Paul Vance, Henryetta, OK 74437 918-652-4201 has Miniature Jersey embryos

Annette Hesters, 71880 StateRd 23,Walkerton, IN 46574 219-5862105 is the source of some of the bulls.

Fonnie Thoman,21019 State Route 7 South,Crown City, OH 45623
(740) 256-1724 Mrs. Thoman sells semen and Miniature Jersey embryos from very dairy Miniature Jersey cows

Robert Mock is registrar for these miniature Jerseys. Ask Fonnie about his ideas. He also is interested in Bellfairs and writes:


Bellfair miniature cattle are the first dual purpose miniature breed of cattle developed in America. Developed by Tracy Teed of Conway, Washington, Bellfair cattle are 50% Jersey, from high test Jersey cows bred to a small 35" Dexter bull, developed for the small acreage farmer who wants a small family milk cow which will also produce a good beef calf for the locker. The overall appearance is that of a small Jersey.

The goals were a small size, good temperament in both bulls and cows, ease in calving, good feed conversion, and good udder conformation for ease in milking. Now three years into the project, it seems that these goals have been met. Their size is 36" to 40", with bulls selected in the 36" size range, cows in the 36" to 40".

Tim O'Donnell also provides Bellfair semen.