Service Resources

These are links to suppliers of information or services used by Polled Dairy Cow Breeders. 

http://www.ceta.ca/brcode01.PDF  breed code listings -  use as first field in Red & White registration name.

http://www.naab-css.org/guidelines/breed.html this is the USA breed code listing, use as first field in Red & White Registrations.


http://www.naab-css.org/db/studcode.html   Stud code numbers assigned. These are the semen suppliers and they collect too.

http://www.hawkeyebreeders.com/hawkeye.services.htm   collection of semen 

http://www.siretech.com/  collection of semen

http://www.voglersemen.com/ collection of semen 


http://www.abtechnology.com/  The splitting technology supplier 

http://www.pets-inc.com/embryol.htm   USA nationwide embryologist listings. People move, so if you don't match up

the name in www.whitepages.com you should call to locate.

http://www.ceta.ca/dvm.htm  Canadian Listing of embryologists





http://www.execulink.com/~hill/recipients.html   Maple Hill in Canada furnishes splitting and recipients 

Recipients - If you raise recipients please let us know!

http://www.owlcanyon.com/ Owl canyon also raises Ayrshires and many replacement heifers.

http://www.breedernet.com/Yellow/ypc_hei.htm Various Heifer Producers

http://www.pdpw.org/heifer.html  Wisconsin Heifer Producers

http://www.pdhga.org/   National Heifer Growers organization

http://www.dairybusiness.com/northeast/Jan01/heifer_leasing.htm  Hiefer Grower in PA who leases heifers in calf.


Import/Export restrictions:

USA is the hangup and some may be lifted in 2002.


Population of dairy cows by breed worldwide: http://www.icar.org/PDF%20files/Yearly%20inquiry/1998-2000/1999%2006.pdf