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These include 54MS0043 Meriville MILK MORE P
Reg # 446951 aAa: N/A DOB: 6/27/98
Sire: Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th-P
Dam: Meriville Pansy Cissy
5-00 305d 17807m 3.3% 585f 3.1% 559p
MGS: Meriville Plumchuck (EX)
2nd Dam: Meriville Satin Roansy Cissy (EX)
2-07 305d 16820m 3.8% 626f 3.7% 622p

54MS0043 Meriville MILK MORE P 
 Reg # 446951   aAa: N/A   DOB: 6/27/98

Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th-P
Meriville Pansy Cissy
 5-00 305d 17807m 3.3% 585f 3.1% 559p

Meriville Plumchuck (EX)
 2nd Dam:
Meriville Satin Roansy Cissy (EX)
 2-07 305d 16820m 3.8% 626f 3.7% 622p

cissy.jpg (345927 bytes)
Meriville Pansy Cissy


The top milk Milking Shorthorn is a heterozygous POLLED Milking Shorthorn bull available
from Accelerated Genetics 800-451=9275 called Gold Mine EB Rose Stetson 868-P as noted at the

A quality Polled Heterozygous Milking Shorthorn sire is available as noted in our Classified pages, see

Nile Valley Rose Bouquet-P, the pictured Polled Dual Purpose Milking Shorthorn sire at: 
Nile Valley Farm     
31598 Hendrickson Rd
Sedalia, MO 65301
660-826-7279                Email: roanbullman@aol.com

Nile Valley M Rose 23 is the dam of Nile Valley Rose Bouquet-P See her->Nile Valley M Rose 23 


http://www.cmss.on.ca/alltime_champs.htm   1995 A M Polled Shorty 

http://www.geocities.com/dairyshorthorn/history.html shows the homozygous polled Morella Poll Stockman 26th P (male) ( A. Iskov & Sons)  The Iskov tradition continues, so say Gday to them!