You will need to register so that we can set up "access" for you to participate with classifieds.
Classifieds enable you to:
identify your herd as having polled animals,
indicate your willingness to contract breed to polled bulls for others, 
indicate the availability of polled bulls, polled cows/heifers, donor cows (may be horned), embryos, semen. 

If you supply semen, your registration enables you to identify particular polled bulls that are available for breeding.

Your registration will also enable you to post a "calling card" on this website to allow others to contact you and to
provide discussion about the site.

Since this website it DEDICATED to polled dairy cow improvement, you should have something that will assist
other participants in this goal in order to register. All information provided shall be considered as submitted without any restrictions as to use, may be published by the website, and may be subjected to restrictions as to content.