These bulls have high predicted proofs and will produce 100% polled calves when mated to horned cows. These bulls should be used on all cows to create a pool of high test polled cows destined for becoming the dams of tomorrow. When mated to high PTAM polled cows which have a CTPI higher than the PTPI listed for the bull, the offspring can be used in future breeding sample bulls and tested using the DNA test for homozygosity. The higher the PTPI the offspring has the more likely a bull stud will want to offer samples for proofing the bull, especially if PTAP can be in the +70# range. This would say that any highly classified cow with at least a 34000M 305 day record and 1224 #Fat and 1088 # protein would be a candidate to offer for stud sampling and yield further breed improvement. The higher numbers the better.

Numbers for Holstein cows over 40,000 lb (18000kg) can easily be found from all elite cows at  http://www.aipl.arsusda.gov/dynamic/elite/Eframe.htm

As with all breeds, since the polled gene has become a rare gene in dairy cows, because of the failure to repeat the genes of the horned (ox) family lines, we need to have at least 10 elite cow Sponsors who will flush their cows to top polled bulls to create the bull mothers of the future. We also need 100 member sponsors for each bull of the breed who will raise polled animals to create proofs for the families and to provide a nucleus for further choices. Picking top polled cows is important, and to do that we need to have as many cows bred polled to produce the next generation as possible. If you can contribute cows, heifers, and recipients for these projects, please register and let us know what you can contribute. 

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