We know of two select homozygous polled bulls, both the result of Northcoast Group (Ohio) breeding.

The homozyous polled bull to use now: 

Sunpower-P reg no 113127726
 born June 2002 aAa 3241 as a yearling
 Sire: JPR Sunarchus-P
Dam: Elanel Tyngs Carla Tulip-P
 MGSire: Tyngsboro of Reber-P (Silver Beacon son)
 The Dam averages 5.5%bf and 4.4%pr on first five lactations with a> tight calving interval (under 50 days dry average)
Next two sires in line: ISDK OJY Mikkel (pure Danish)
and 11J360 Reliant (son of Shadewell Fascinator)

Another has just been identified by 30 sons and daughters all polled.

A second is Kiowa and yet to have semen readily available until bloodtyping is complete.

Semen from the NorthCoast Group is available from Dr. John Reber or Greg Palen.

John Reber, DMV, Inc., Box 328, 258 E> Main Street Apple Creek, Ohio 44606, Phone 330-698-2891 Fax 330-698-6321

Greg Palen Phone 800-359-1693  of Michigan Livestock, Ovid, MI provides semen from these homozygous polled Jersey bulls from the collection at Michigan Livestock, as well as some heterozygous polled bulls including a black heterozygous polled bull JPR Suntar-P.

Other homozyous bulls who are dead or no longer collectable, so semen is very scarce include:

158JE67 Mark Royal Austin - P Homozygous and Ohio Jersey Jug winner. A respected big bull for the Jersey breed.

158JE84 TWJ Scotty Andy Luke-P Homozygous polled and from a cow with a record of 4-09- 2X 305 16810 5.1%F 860 4.1%P 685

and a fifth bull BUBBA.

As with all breeds, since the polled gene has become a rare gene in dairy cows, because of the failure to repeat the genes of the horned (ox) family lines, we need to have at least 10 elite cow Sponsor's who will flush their cows to top polled bulls to create the bull mothers of the future. We also need member sponsor's for each bull of the breed who will raise polled animals to create proofs for 100 cows for the families and to provide a nucleus for further choices. Picking top polled cows is important, and to do that we need to have as many cows bred polled to produce the next generation as possible. If you can contribute cows, heifers, and recipients for these projects, please register and let us know what you can contribute.

Select homozygous cows (like Dutch Hollow S Joe Mistress-P) can be found by contacting such breeders as the Paul Chittendon Family at home farm of many of the breeds leading heterozygous polled bulls.

 See the polljersey group in    which Wendell Miller, Richlo Dairy Farms moderates. 

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