These bulls have high predicted proofs and will produce 50% polled calves when mated to horned cows. These bulls can be selectively used in embryo transfer flushings with polled cows to create future elite polled animals. When mated to high PTAM polled cows which have a CTPI higher than the PTPI listed for the bull, the offspring can be used in future breeding sample bulls and tested using the DNA test for homozygosity. The higher the PTPI the offspring has the more likely a bull stud will want to offer samples for proofing the bull, especially if PTAP can be in the +70# range. This would say that any highly classified cow with at least a polled 22000M 305 day record bred to a polled bull would be a candidate for stud sampling and yield further breed improvement. The higher numbers the better.  Any elite cow bred to a polled bull would be a candidate to produce such a highly classified polled cow.

Numbers over 22,000 lb  http://www.aipl.arsusda.gov/dynamic/elite/Eframe.htm  See for instance
Reg No. 110566072   Sire No. 658741   Herd Code  93-52-0150  27743Mb(+2473) +93F +79P Cheese Merit +711

Indeed some Heterozygous Jersey bulls listed that are polled have sisters with over 40,000# Jersey milk (7JE602 Greenridge ACCESS-P available from Select Sires. and Greenridge Ambition -P available from ABSGlobal are brothers to Accent     http://greenridge.usjersey.com/AccentPedigree.html 

The top JPI ranked polled Jersey sire is Forest Glen Hallmark Kirk

Forest Glen Hallmark Kirk 

Kirk semen is available at $15.00 

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