The top JPI ranked polled Jersey sire is Forest Glen Hallmark Kirk

Forest Glen Hallmark Kirk 

Kirk semen is available at $15.00 

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Forest Glen Jerseys

Kirk has 2  which are also polled: 

GLEN (Forest Glen Hallmark Kelvin) at Select and

KENSETH (Forest Glen Hallmark Kenseth) at ABS.

The sire or these three Forest Glen Hallmark bulls  is Schultz Brook Hallmark (ABS)

His dam is Steinhauers Declo Kimmie-P, bred in Wisconsin.  Her first record lacation:

2-11 305d 3x 27210m 4.8% 1295f 3.9% 1048p set a California record.

This dam was sired by Barbs MBSB Declo (Select Sires), son of "Berretta"

Her dam is Riverway Opportunity Sara-P, the source of polled in the pedigree being sire FW Opportunity-P (ABS).

Next dam is a Soldierboy Boomer Sooner (Select Sires) who happens to also be the sire of "Berretta".

Her dam is a Canadian bred cow from the Canadia Glenholme herd which is well known and still operating. She was sired by Sun Valley Quicksilver Ideal (Semex), a bull bred by Seals

in OR, his dam one of the unique Lord Signal Prince cows they had (super high testing, outcross longevity cows).

Next dam is by Vaucluse Sleeping Surville (NOBA=Genex), rest of maternal pedigree is four generations from Brampton-based sires (traditional Canadian Jersey blood).

Delco is also sire of the Greenridge ACCESS-P available from Select Sires. and Greenridge Ambition -P available from ABSGlobal are brothers to Accent 

Top Heterozygous Polled Jersey Bulls in the February 2005 according to AJCA are:

NAAB Interbull ID Name Lbs. Milk % Fat Lbs. Fat % Prot Lbs. Prot PL

100JE07161 USAM000111848157 FOREST GLEN HALLMARK KIRK-P-ET 1432 -0.11
43 -0.01 49 1.1 3.02 383 361 394 59 USA-D 0.80 57 AJCA 211

029JE03282 USAM000111376012 DUTCH HOLLOW MALIBU-P-ET 1767 -0.15 52 -
0.09 44 -0.1 3.11 292 322 275 71 USA-D 0.00 51 AJCA 172

007JE00634 USAM000111638095 FOREST GLEN HALLMARK KEVIN-P-E 499 0 23
0.03 24 1.1 3.04 227 195 244 61 USA-D 1.20 46 AJCA 130

007JE00602 USAM000111249864 GREENRIDGE ACCESS-P 750 -0.11 14 0.01 28
1.3 2.91 233 213 243 80 USA-D 0.30 64 AJCA 125      (Brother to Ambition at ABS)

029JE03268 USAM000111194995 DUTCH HOLLOW DIRECTOR-P 274 0.05 22 0.02
13 1.8 2.95 204 187 213 78 USA-D 1.20 63 AJCA 109

001JE00497 USAM000110728768 GREENRIDGE VIEW BALANCE-P-ET 685 -0.11 11
0.02 27 0.5 2.96 159 137 172 87 USA-D 0.40 77 AJCA 106

122JE05203 USAM000111627976 DUTCH HOLLOW MAGE-P 763 -0.01 33 -0.03 22
0.4 3.18 175 178 173 67 USA-D 0.60 56 AJCA 91

007JE00505 USAM000000666093 DUTCH HOLLOW BRENDON-P-ET 72 0.16 33 0.03
9 0.8 2.99 189 165 202 92 USA-I 1.20 83 AJCA 88

122JE05163 USAM000110587444 LYNVAIL MANDATE-P 916 -0.09 25 -0.08 17
0.7 2.95 174 210 154 91 USA-D 0.90 85 AJCA 88  

shows 7JE505 Dutch Hollow Brendon-P. . . 666093 who has the highest official proof today.

BRENDON-P is a materal brother in the Mischief family (having the polled Mistress cow)  to 7JE395 Dutch Hollow Berretta CHOICE-P .  provides a former top record proof  (TITAN-P) today:

Dutch Hollow Titan-P-ET . . 29J3173 . . 663923 is from the Mischief family and had slightly higher proof than others in the family.  This is a bull of substance and highest merit. 
DUTCH HOLLOW TITAN-P-ET USA 663923 029JE03173 had an official proof of +1377M +33F +37P 324NM 197TPI

In CANADA: The Semex Alliance has a son of Dutch Hollow Lester Mischief-P-ET as a young sire. Many feel Mischief may be the best, so far, polled cow and she still lives!. The Semex bull is Dutch Hollow Roman-ET-P (CANM10213825 - 200JE308) See his picture by a young sire search at the Semex site or find him at:  Yes he's heterozygous pP


Another related bull of having calves of good type should be the new sons of Brendon-P being bred in Denmark. In the meantime

"Danish are proving their first home bred polled sire, Lover, a Cardrona

Bettalover P son, a Berretta son from a pure NZ family over a Jas Byg cow.

Bettalovers' dam, Cardrona Unaffected P, is again from the Cardrona Lollipop P

family, the same as the bull Cardrona He Peru P which is being marketed by

Taurus in the US" Contact Dansire for their list of polled bulls being tested.

Some USA polled breeders are using Cardrona He Peru P on their cows which they think of as frail. To be a Jersey in NZ you need strength.


The  7JE505 Dutch Hollow Brendon-P. . . 666093 
has already been mentioned above as having the highest USA proof today.

BRENDON-P is a materal brother in the Mischief family to 7JE395 Dutch Hollow Berretta CHOICE-P . Choice-P has had in proportion to numbers many fair winners among the daughters  See the Select Sires list at  but Brendon-P is also starting to show some winners> June 3year old GR Xanadu Brendon Kit Kat-P, of Xanadu Jerseys, Tom and Amy Colpetzer, Greenville, Pa 16125 was the Intermediate Camprion of the Ohio Spring Dairy Expo, see page 22 Ohio Jersey News, May 2003.  CHOICE is also the sire of 

Lynvail Mandate-P 122JEO5163 a new polled bull whose semen is available from Alta Genetics.  A Choice-P son, he provides size, type and milk. Search for his code at 

The Dutch Hollow Farm of the Chitendon family which has for generations provided quite a number of polled bulls to the various studs. 
lists more than are listed here, but we would call your attention to the following sampling bulls whose PTAM is higher even than some of the proof sires:


Greenridge Ambition-P-ET . 29J3291 . 111944479 *new* full brother to Access 
Greenridge Access-P-ET . . . 7JE0602 . 111249864 Declo from Accent family 

This World Record Sister is Greenridge Berretta Accent (EX-90) who for 3-11 produced 41,610 Milk, 1943 Fat, and 1501 Protein.    

Da-View Napolean-P . . . . . . 29JE3277 . 111491131 *new* Declo x Exceed 
Sunset Canyon Matrix-P-ET . 7JE0628 . 111573549 *new* Lemvig x Mr. T  Matrix's Dam Dutch Hollow T Matron-P produced 32138# Milk, 1520 Fat and 1161 at 3-8, and Matron is a Daughter of the pictured 
Dutch Hollow S Joe Mistress-P whose record was 21,200 Milk, 890 Fat, 766 Protein before she became a donor cow. Dutch Hollow Joe-Mistress-P 

Greenridge Marshall-P-ET . 29JE3267 . 111522918 Hallmark x Lester   provides a listing of North Coast bulls including the homozygous and heterzygous bulls.  is the home site for Jersey semen.

Greg Palen Phone 800-359-1693  provides competitively priced polled Jersey semen of the bulls of the Northcoast Group and the Schultz Jerseys of
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Greg Palen Phone 800-359-1693 can be contacted for the polled Jersey semen of the Bulls of the Northcoast Group which NOW INCLUDE A BLACK HETEROZYGOUS POLLED Jersey bull JPR Suntar-P bred by Dr. John Reber, Box 328, Apple Creek Ohio 44606

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There is a small but very elite Polled Jersey population in New Zealand. See