Elite Jersey Cows:

If you have a Jersey cow which has over 20,000# as a first DHIA record, or any record over 24000 lb, or a classification of EX90 or better, and would be willing to flush her to a polled bull, or have already done so, you should consider registering and posting your offering on this site

Greg Phalen Phone 800-359-2693 michlive@shianet.org can be contacted to locate the elite polled cows which may be suitable for flushing. 

Wendell and Richard Miller for years kept up a current listing of polled Jersey sires at 

Richlo Dairy Farms

Engadine, MI       

 and has polled Jersey cows of high production in a difficult climate. They started the group on yahoo for polljersey which you can subscribe to by

sending      e-mail to: polljersey-subscribe@yahoogroups.com       This is the way we Jersey breeders keep in touch.

For elite cows which are polled and have a CTPI greater than 197 (i.e. better than Titan, the top proof) you can contact http://www.usjersey.com/ and ask for a sort of their computer records.  .
When you ask usjersey for a sort, do this sort by state to reduce costs. You may want to chose the states closest to you or Ohio, Oregon, New York, Virginia, California, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana since the largest number of polled jerseys probably will be in these states. Studs will be looking for heterozygous polled offspring which are from cows which have a Net Merit in the +600 range mated to the identified bulls. Jerseys which have a first DHIA milk record in excess of 22000 are candidates to be bull mothers. These can be located from  http://www.aipl.arsusda.gov/dynamic/elite/Eframe.htm 

Two fantastic polled cows are: Dutch Hollow Lester Mischief-P-ET (USAF3791055) and her daughter Mistress who's pitcure is shown at the first Jersey Page of this website. Thank the Chittendens!

You can look also for animals like those from David Franzer’s http://www.bright.net/~crocket/page5.html  from the Golden cow which had a record of 305 da 30377M 6.9%F 2084 4.1%P 1251. See her at http://www.bright.net/~crocket/page4.html. Several Jerseys dams of the above polled sires listed for sampling have records over 40,000 lb (18000kg).

For nominee's as to current top Jersey cows (many of which are horned and would have to be bred to a polled bull) see http://greatcow.usjersey.com/nominees.htm  and look up the breeders listed there like  James Huffard http://huffard.usjersey.com/default1.htm  and the family of Stanley Chittenden (Dutch Hollow Farm) (leader in the polled movement) http://greatcow.usjersey.com/PDF/dutch.pdf  (Paul) and  http://greatcow.usjersey.com/PDF/fairweather.pdf (Karl) as well  those purchasing from the 2002 dispersal of  MeriAcres.   As for the others, contact them to get them to breed their cows to a polled bull of your choice

You may locate top cows which could be bred to polled bulls by looking to the World Expo site at http://www.world-dairy-expo.com/dcs.main.cfm and selecting Jersey and then all to obtain the list of breeders. Then you can
locate them by using http://www.whitepages.com