classified VG-87. 76HO0358 Burket-Falls Fortify-Red-ET, a polled red bull bred by Burket Falls Farm in Pennsylvania. is available from Taurus Service http://www.taurus-service.com/news_release.htm 

http://www.indianheadholsteins.com/rach.htm Shows the Donor Cow Sellcrest No Rachel-Red EX93 EXMS EEEEE which is the Champion and offspring of Sire: BURKET-FALLS NO-NOX-RED-ET, 29HO789 ( http://www.absglobal.com ) this bull is not polled but his brother LO-NOX (below) is.

See also 1H4650 BURKET-FALLS LO-NOX-RED-ET 2208576... CRI/Genex
 BURKET-FALLS LO-NOX-RED-ET  ( LO-NOX-RED-P) a top type Red Bull  001HO04650 is plus proven and already has 1480 daughters who average milk was 23290.       From the 1 we know he is a Genex bull http://www.crinet.com/gnexhome.htm

We need to identify polled RED semen from suppliers. If you have a RED cow, you could use some RC bulls. Here are some. Contact their breeders  for the location of semen sources and let us know so we can post it here.

SunShower Acres has Proven and Young Holstein Sires many of which are RED heterozygous polled PH Holsteins.

Here is the current SunShower Polled Holstein price list

138HO2780 Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red AMA 261435 +1583M 55F 52P 1.9PL  who is sired by Bacculum-RED +1583TPI and has a Dam Karona Rudolph Passat-ET with 42793 +1400F 1316P, this bull was bred by R. Feldwich, Aggravation Plantation , New Knowville, Ohio.



Current Taurus Service Price List  - Taurus Service Prices.

Hickorymea Trevy P-ET-RC 132

Hickorymea Trap P-RC 234165

Hickorymea Tracy-ET-RC 261

Burket-Falls Polled Party-Red 345

Hickorymea Tripod P-ET-RC 345

76HO0418 Aggravation DIETER P-ET Reg # 130853327    http://www.taurus-service.com
aAa: 546312 D.O.B. 9/11/00
Sire: Etazon Addison-ET
Dam: Aggravation Aeroappeal P *RC (VG-87)
5-00 365d 31470m 3.4% 1072f 3.0% 955p
MGS: Madawaska Aerostar (EX-EXTRA GM)
2nd Dam: Aggravation Poll Appeal-Red (GP-81)

BURKET-FALLS DARWIN-RED-ET  ( DARWIN-RED ) 007WW06950 is available from Select Sires

see http://www.selectsires.com/news_releases/news_2001_1025_3.html         and in Europe 

from http://www.hornlos.de/darwinred.htm  showing Darwin-Red P   from which you can also obtain 

http://www.hornlos.de/fortifyred.htm     Fortify  P in Europe who is available from Taurus in the USA.

and of course there is  available from  http://www.altagenetics.com/   as a Red Homozygous Polled Holstein Bull:
11HO05886 Burket-Falls Priority-Red-PP 297495 CTPI 762
Sire Firpo-Red Dam Dee-Dee MG Sire Red Momentum

In Germany/Deutschland http://www.hornlos.de/polledholsteins.html shows Polled Holstein Bulls, including Fortify, Darwin and Polled Plus which are available in the USA from Taurus, Select and Taurus respectively. However, if you are in Europe, look at 

http://www.hornlos.de/perplex.htm     Perplex-P, a son of Polled Plus is out of Natilie, a true EX-93 cow and has good calves!.

http://viehzucht.virtualave.net/Interessantes.htm shows Red Polled Burket Bulls, including Priority (homozygous) Poll Party and Fortify, which are also available in the USA


The breeders include: 

John Burket - Dave Burket & Sons
Burket Falls Farm
RR1, Box 579
East Freedom, PA 16637
(814) 239-2260
Fax: (814) 239-8797

T. Edwin Johnson Jr.
Hickorymea Farms
Box 35, 3527 Delta Road -PA 74
Airville, PA 17302
Fax 717-862-1793