ACTION NEEDED:           

We need to have Polled Nucleus Herd organization registrants capable of using MOET (Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer) . The commitment needed is to provide an elite cow (one on the USDA list or equivalent to 1% in Canada) or a registered polled Milking Shorthorn cow, and enough recipients (usually 6) available for a flush. You will need to have a practiced embryo transfer  specialist professional nearby who hopefully has the equipment necessary for splitting and sexing embryos, or be willing to transport your cow to a location having that expertise. Needed also are others who have the ability to provide recipients for a frozen flush transported to them.  There is a small amount of high type homozygous polled Milking Shorthorn semen available for the registrant who commits to raise the offspring and make them available to others. If interested in becoming a Sponser of a Polled Nucleus Herd, please say so in the comment blank for registrants and further information will be furnished. Up to 10 Polled Nucleus Herds initially will be registered, and these herds will provide the genetic base animals for proof of the next generation of Polled Milking Shorthorn. You need not own the initial cow (See Elite Cows), just be able to contract for the flush and/or implantation into your recipients or recipients provided by others.

Also, please let us know if you own any naturally polled animals. There are a very few known. 

Remember, as with all breeds, since the polled gene has become a rare gene in dairy cows, because of the failure to repeat the genes of the horned (ox) family lines, we need to have at least 10 elite cow Sponsors who will flush their cows to top polled bulls to create the bull mothers of the future. We also need member sponsors for each bull of the breed who will raise polled animals to create proofs on 100 animals for the families and to provide a nucleus for further choices. Picking top polled cows is important, and to do that we need to have as many cows bred polled to produce the next generation as possible. If you can contribute cows, heifers, and recipients for these projects, please register and let us know what you can contribute. 

If you want to contract for a cow, consider contacting:

http://www.agdomain.com/web/usmilkingshorthorn/noteworthy/ to breed a polled bull to a top horned cow, or contact our Sponsor(s) directly for polled seed stock.



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2379  160th ( Box 59)
Albion, NE 68620
TELEPHONE: 402-386-5348
MARKET: Domestic, International
PRODUCTS: Milking Shorthorn bulls and females.
COMMENTS: Half a century of Polled Milking Shorthorns. Native breeding and a Grade A dairy and breeder of the Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th-P